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Absorbent Socks and How They Help in Plant Safety

By absorbing a wide range of chemicals, absorbent socks help increase plant safety. Many industries require the use of chemicals in their operation. Oftentimes, these chemicals spill causing potential hazards for you and your workers. Depending on the chemicals used, potential hazards include slip and fall accidents and chemical burns.

Absorbent socks have been designed to absorb and contain those spilled chemicals, creating a safer working environment for everyone involved. It goes without saying that not all absorbent socks are created equal; there are a number of absorbent socks and each have been tailor-made for use on a specific industrial fluid.

Universal absorbents socks are general-purpose absorbent socks. Made from a number of materials, universal socks are ideal for placement around machinery. Industrial machines often leak oil causing potential slip and fall accidents. Placement of these absorbent socks prevents oil spills from these machines spreading around the work floor thus creating a safer environment.

When choosing a universal absorbent sock consider ones that are both highly absorbent offer and are friendly to the environment. A number of universal absorbent socks are made from all natural or recycled materials making them eco-friendly. One ideal characteristic to look for in an absorbent sock is that they are non-leaching, so the absorbed chemicals will not leach back out polluting the ground or water.

When you need an absorbent sock that absorbs oil while rejecting water, oil-only absorbent socks are the right equipment for the job. Made from polypropylene, these absorbent socks are ideal for use with machines that are exposed to the elements. Just like universal absorbent socks, these absorbent socks are placed around the base of machines which are situated outdoors so that when it rains, the oil and other petroleum based fluids are absorbed while the water is not, preventing contamination of the surrounding area.

Another use for oil-only absorbent socks is with oil spill control and cleanup. These absorbent socks are used to skim off oil from the surface of the contaminated water. Since these absorbent socks can be wrung, you also have the added benefit of being able to reclaim the absorbed liquid.

For more aggressive liquids, the proper absorbent socks to use are hazmat chemical absorbent socks. Hazmat chemicals spilled such as acids and bases can be especially problematic to deal with, since these chemicals can potentially cause injury to workers. Hazmat chemical absorbent socks help reduce the possibility of chemical burns by absorbing these fluids before they could further contaminate the immediate environment.

If your plant, factory or warehouse uses or deals with oils, petroleum based products and other chemicals, chances are a spill will occur. Keep an absorbent sock handy to better prevent accidents and protect the well being of not only your workers but your establishment as well.

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