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Products That Keep Your Workplace Clean & Compliant


Looking for reliable products for cleaning up spills, material handling, personal and facility protection, spill response, maintenance and cleaning or safety solutions to help your workplace function more efficiently? Then you've come to the right place. Dawg offers a large selection of industrial absorbents and wipers, spill kits for every application, spill pallets, decks, drum containers and much more to keep your workplace in tip top shape.

Dawg carries the top brand products from leading manufacturers in the industry. To view products by manufacturer brands click here 


Dawg® Absorbents

Here, You'll Find Dawg® Brand Absorbent Material and Oil Spill Cleanup Sorbents, That Help Keep Your Workplace Clean and Safe. Dawg® Absorbent Spill Control Solutions Include: Oil Absorbents, Sorbent Socks, Absorbent Rolls, Oil Absorbent Booms, Absorbent Pads, Absorbent Pillows and More For the Cleanup of Oil Spills.


Dawg® Spill Kits

Emergency Spill Response Kits: (Chemical Spill Kits and Oil Spill Kits) That Help Your Company Comply With SPCC Spill and EPA Regulations. Dawg® Brand Spill Kit Solutions Include: Oil Spill Kits, Chemical Spill Kits and Non-Aggressive MRO Spill Response Kits For Spill Planning and Prevention.


Dawg® Secondary Spill Containment Products

Secondary Containment and Spill Prevention Products That Help Promote a Clean, Safe and EPA/OSHA Compliant Workplace. Dawg® Oil Spill Containment Solutions Include: Spill Containment Pallets, Drum Containment Storage Products, IBC Containment Units, HAZMAT Chemical Storage Buildings and More.


Dawg® Storm Water Products

Dawg® Storm water Best Management Practice Products Include: Catch Basin Drain Guard Insert Protector, Grate Guard, Curb Guard, Dewatering Bags, Pipe Sock, Grease Guard Rooftop Oil Containment System, Spill Containment Berms, Oil Containment Booms, Drain Seal and Protector, Erosion and Sediment Control Products (Silt Fence, Gully Guard, Storm Wattles and Much More.


Material Handling

Safety Storage Cabinets From Justrite and Eagle Manufacturing, Gas Cans, Drum Funnels, Drum Liners, Dust Caps, Drum Lifters, Drum Grabs, Drum Dolly, Oily Waste Containers, Bench and Plunger Cans, Steel and Fiber Drums and Much More.


Dawg® Industrial Wipers and Rags

Disposable Industrial Wipes, Cloth Wipes, Industrial Rags, Polishing Cloths, Center Pull Towels, Scrim and Sontara Wipe, Paper Wiper and Maintenance Wipes, That Help Keep Your Workplace Sparkling Clean. Lymtech cleanroom wipes are ideal for contaminate free environments.


Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers

Here, You'll Find Dawg® Environmentally Safe Biodegradable Cleaners and Degreasers For General and Industrial Purpose Cleaning, Such As: Simple Green, EcoLink, Biochem and Microbial Hydrocarbon Remediation Cleaners & Degreasers.


Dawg® Floor Safety Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti Fatigue Mats Such As: Industrial Safety Anti Fatigue Floor Mats, Anti Fatigue Matting, Anti Fatigue Interlocking Mats, ESD Mats, Drainage Mats, Ergonomic Mats and Rubber Safety Mats That Help Workers Relieve Body Stress and Discomfort. We also carry a large selection of Specialty Mats, Runners and Entrance Mats.


Dawg® Waste Minimization

Waste Minimization Products Such As: Abanaki Oil Skimmers, Industrial Wet Vacuums, Industrial Compactor, Aerosolv Aerosol Can Puncturing System, Waste Incinerator (Mobile), Cubic Yard Container Box and Much More That Help Reduce Your Waste Stream For Small Quantity Waste Generator Status.


Personal Protection Supplies

Here, You'll Find Dawg® Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Supplies Such As: Lakeland Disposable Protective Clothing Insures Workers Are Protected Against, Chemicals, Toxins, Liquids And Dry Particles. Industrial Protective Clothing Includes: (Chemical Suits, Disposable Coveralls, Chemical Protective Clothing, Tyvek® Coveralls That are Offered In White Coveralls And Blue Protective Coveralls. You Will Also Find A Complete Line Of Tychem Suits), Moldex® Disposable Respirators and Dust Masks Provide Excellent, Low Cost Respiratory Protection. Check Out Our Hearing Protection That Includes Disposable Earplugs From Moldex. Our Foot Protection Includes Rain Boots And Disposable Shoe Covers To Protect Floors From Dirt And Grime On Feet. Next You Will Find Disposable Gloves (Nitrile, Latex, Vinyl, PVC, and Leather Work Gloves), Industrial Safety Eye Glasses and Goggles, Industrial First Aid Kits, PVC Rainsuits, Sqwincher Activity Drink and Other Personal Protective Equipment and Supplies.


Cigarette Butt Receptacles

Here, You'll Find Cigarette Receptacles, Butt Cans, Smoking Urns, Cigarette Urns, Smoke Cans, Cigarette Butt Cans and Cigarette Butt Receptacles, Offered In Many Styles And Themes, In Plastic or Metal, Modern Look To A More Contemporary Style To Blend Into Any Environment. Please use cigarette receptacles, smoking urns, butt cans, smoke cans and other cigarette butt receptacles, when you are outside. Before you begin to smoke outside, look for the cigarette receptacles you'll use when you finish smoking.


Facility Protection

Here You Will Find Facility Protection Products Protecting Specific Areas Of Your Workplace: Parking Stops Allow Vehicles To Park In Uniform, While Speed Bumps Slow Down Traffic. Our Machine Guards Protect Workers From The Dangers Of Moving Equipment. Column Protectors Protect Industrial Columns From Moving Equipment. Bollard Posts Add Additional Facility Protection And Prevent Damage To Building Structure. Our Complete Line Of Cigarette Receptacles, Butt Cans, Smoke Cans And Cigarette Urns Compliment Any Business. Hand Rails, Safety Barricades And Guide Post Delineators Provide Protection Around Dangerous Areas. Bumper Post Sleeves Eliminate Annual Maintenance Of Bollard Posts and Protect Against Vehicle Accidents. Anti Fatigue Mats Reduce Worker Fatigue, Tacky Mats And Clean Room Mats Clean Off Grime From Shoes. Industrial Cleaners And Degreasers That Are Environmentally Friendly Add Value To Worker Safety. Roof And Pipe Leak Diverters, Drip Spill Berms That Catch Drips & Leaks Under Vehicles And Equipment And More To Promote A Safer Workplace.


Bear Proof Garbage Cans - BearLock Bins™

Here you Will Find Our Complete Line of Bear Proof Garbage Cans and Animal Resistant Trash Cans Called BearLock Bins™. When it comes to keeping all types of animals, little critters and giant Grizzly Bears from rummaging through trash cans and containers you need The Original BearLock Bins™". This Bear Proof Container can handle the weight, clawing and relentless determination even a Grizzly Bear can throw at it. Our Animal Proof Trash can, BearLock Bins™ have been officially tested and meet the rigorous standards through the Living with Wildlife Foundation (LWWF), Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, and Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee Testing Program For Bear-Resistant Products. Our Animal and Bear Proof Trash Cans are available in several different models to accommodate residential developments, commercial environments and park and recreation facilities. These Animal Proof Trash Cans are not only Bear Resistant but are considered to be Bear and Animal Proof Trash Cans.


Safety Cans And Safety Cabinets

Here, You Will Find two of the leading brands of Safety Cabinets and Gas Cans all backed by our Pawprint Of Quality Guarantee. This full line of Safety Storage Cabinets and Safety Cans meet OSHA, NFPA Code 30 compliance regulations. Justrite Safety Cabinets are available with their unique style sure grip handles and have a reputation of being one of the best Flammable Safety Cabinets in the industry today. Eagle Safety Storage Cabinets are well known for its diverse offering including Chemical and Paint Storage Product Solutions. Eagle® Gas Cans are available in Steel, Metal or as a Plastic Gas Can. We also carry an approved DOT Gas Can which is portable. We offer a full line of Safety Gas Cans including flammable and Oily Waste Cans, Diesel Gas Cans which are all spill proof. Gasoline Cans are available in an exclusive Uno Style Can with Type I or Type II openings from Justrite®. Medical Waste Containers are OSHA, OBRA & NFPA. You will find that our Biological Receptacles are available in both plastic and steel and are available as a mobile waste receptacle.


First Aid Kits

Here, You Will Find a large selection of first aid kits designed for every application. There are all-purpose and home first aid kits and supplies that are perfect to keep around the home or office. Other outdoor first aid kits and sports first aid supply kits include all the essentials; bandages, antibiotics, gauze and other first aid supplies but they also include treatment for burns and insect bites. Auto first aid kits and AAA kits come in a variety of sizes to keep you well equipped while on the road.


Signs And Labels

Here, You Will Find over 20,000 safety signs, labels and markers. Choose from a huge selection of stock and custom signs including OSHA and ANSI signs, fire safety signs, parking and traffic signs, multi-lingual signs and more. Custom labels and tags are also available to ensure proper labeling and identification of materials.
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