Dawg® Oil Tainer Storage Tanks

Dawg® Oil Tainer Storage Tanks

Easily store used oil

This ideal double-wall waste oil tank for the collection of oil waste provides 110% secondary containment.  Includes an oil level monitoring gauge, a large sink with debris screen and strainer, and a quick- release drain coupling. Both units helps you comply with 40 CFR 279.22 (a).

  • Maintenance-free - won't rust, chip or dent
  • Automatic overflow shutoff prevents accidental overfilling
  • Vented, weather-resistant design
  • Oil Plastic Storage Tank has a lockable hinge for indoor or outdoor security
  • Translucent 'Safety Yellow' oil containment tank allows visual inspection
  • Choose from a 100 gallon sump capacity unit or a 385 gallon unit

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Select Product
Dawg® Oil Tainer Storage Tanks
Preview Item Number Description Size Sump Capacity Units Price Per Unit QTY
DRM401 385 Gallon Oil-Tainer Storage Tank  64" Dia. X 42"H   385 gals.    Each

In Stock
DRM402 100 Gallon Oil-Tainer Storage Tank  35" Dia. X 41"H   100 gals.    Each

In Stock

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