NatureSorb Absorbent

NatureSorb Absorbent

NatureSorb absorbs oil at a superior rate of approximately one pound of product per gallon

NatureSorb is a premium organic floor absorbent that is very lightweight and easy to handle. It's superior wicking action draws in oil absorbing approximately one pound of product per gallon.

  • Hydrophobic - it floats, resists water and encapsulates oil
  • Natural biodegradation of oil into harmless by-products
  • Non leaching so it is safe for the environment
  • Suppresses volatile vapors by up to 90%
  • 100% organic material is non-carcinogenic
  • Choose from a variety of bag sizes

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Select Product
NatureSorb Absorbent
Preview Item Number Description Units Price Per Unit QTY
BON10-SK 11 Quart NatureSorb Absorbent - Loose 3lb. Bag, Skid of 120 Bags   Skid

In Stock
BON28-SK 28 Quart Naturesorb Absorbent - Loose, Skid of 90 Bags    Skid

In Stock
BON38 3.8 Cu.Ft. Naturesorb Absorbent - Compressed   Bag
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In Stock

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